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featured poet of the month
Justin Eckart [ aka ] Fatesclwn
Has been writing poetry for over eleven years now I myself had the pleasure of making his acquaintance in early June 2014 on * http://www.allpoetry.com.
Along with [Danny Grunette] AKA [Words], there we three founded the AP poetry group [wizards of words]. Since then, we have become good friends and colleagues, in my most humble opinion he is of the finest writers have ever I read, & a man of great integrity, If you are familiar with any of his work , this you certainly already know.

-a1l art(0+) -joshua joseph bissot

* http://www.allpoetry.com
A poetry website I highly recommend as an invaluable resource to every writer interested in futher pursuing the beautiful art called poetry.

http://www.wizardsofwords.org (usa) Contact Details: Tel:(818)806-8606 E-mail: admin(at)wizardsofwords.org